4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Web Design

Do you want to make sure that your site visitors will click off almost as quickly as they clicked on? Make sure your website is unattractive and difficult to navigate and that’s exactly what you will do.

Of course, the goal of your website isn’t to turn away potential customers, but rather keep them interested in what your site – and your business – has to offer. The design of your website will not only help to attract and retain visitors, but it will also increase the chances that they will become – and stay – your customers.

If you want visitors to your site to stay, look around and buy stuff, then here are five simple tips to boost its design.

Utilize Intuitive Navigation

When it comes to nyc web design, poor navigation is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. If your site visitors can’t locate what they are looking for, you can guarantee that they are going to click off and take their business elsewhere.

A horizontal menu bar located along the top of the site is the most effective navigation option. Make sure that tabs here are linked to the most pertinent locations on your site and that they are clearly labeled; a “Shopping Cart” tab should take visitors directly to their shopping cart, for example. Placeless pertinent information or links on the bottom of your site in the footer.


Make Sure it’s Clutter-Free

Like landscapers from Landscape Design Suffolk County cleaning up, the goal is to be clutter-free. Do you need a new aquarium for your home, try calling the professionals at companyx. Have you ever opened up a closet that was filled with clutter? If so, you know how overwhelming all of that clutter can be. In fact, it can be so overwhelming that you immediately close the door instead of trying to find what you are looking for.

Think of your website as a closet: If it’s cluttered, people are going to be overwhelmed and walk away; but, if it is neat and organized, people are going to be more inclined to stay and try to find what it is that they are looking for. Cut down on the clutter. Less is more when it comes to web design nyc. Limit the links to only key information, and only include pictures that offer a specific and valuable purpose.

Use Clear Fonts

You should also make sure that the fonts are easy to read and are an appropriate size. Remember that people will be visiting your sites from computers and mobile devices. While larger fonts may be effective on a computer screen, they won’t read well on a tablet or smartphone. Get the best plastic surgeon for you next plastic surgery, call those at plastic surgeon norwalk.


The ideal font size is 11pt, as it translates well on all types of devices. When choosing the style of font, choose no more than two to ensure that they are consistent and that they will load as quickly as possible.

Utilize Responsive Design

Make sure that you use a design that will automatically adapt to the device that your site is being viewed on. A responsive website design nyc makes for a better experience for users, which increases the amount of time spent on your sites and better conversion rates.